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UPS WorldShip Set-Up

You can easily set-up Green Shipping to automatically offset all your UPS shipments. Note that UPS has two different tools for shipper: the web-based, My UPS; and the software-based WorldShip. Below is the set-up for UPS WorldShip. If you use UPS Web, you'll need to follow these instructions.
Let's get started:

  1. First step is to make sure to Login In to your Green Shipping account.

  2. Identify your Green Shipping email Tracking ID. In order to view your Tracking ID, you'll need to navigate to the Email Tracking section of the Shipment Preferences page. Your Tracking ID will be in the form:
    "" where: gsuserid is equal to your Green Shipping UserId and #### is a 4-digit security token.

  3. Under the Email Tracking section you'll need to allow for submission of tracking numbers via email. The "Accept Tracking Numbers via Email" radio button should be selected to "Yes".

  4. Green Shipping maintain a list of carrier email accounts which are used to transmit tracking numbers. In order to allow carrier information to be automatically added to your account, the "Accept Email from Major Shippers" radio button should be selected to "Yes". Should you need to add any additional authorized email senders, these can also be manually added.

  5. The next step is to properly configure your UPS WorldShip software. You can use WorldShip on a number of workstations simultaneously with your business. The method by which you will accomplish the outbound notification is to use the "Profile" function and define a Quantum View notification email address within your daily profile. You'll need to make sure to complete the following configuration on any computers running WorldShip which you use to generate shipments.

  6. To begin, startup the WorldShip application as you typically would to create a new shipment.
  7. When WorldShip starts it will automatically open to the Shipment window.
  8. Mouse over to the "Tools" menu and select "Profile Editor" from the menu.
  9. This will display the "Profile Information" window. The Profile Name is displayed in the top left box. You should edit the profile used on a daily basis. If you have not defined a custom profile for your business, you can do so at this time or edit the default profile by using the existing profile in the Profile Name field.
    UPS WorldShip Profile Editor
  10. The next step is to select the "Options" tab on the right side of the window. This will change the field layout on the right half of the window.
    UPS WorldShip Options
  11. In the "Shipment Options" box, click the check box next to the "Quantum View Notify" option. This will present you with editable options including a "Recipients" button.
  12. Click on the Recipients button which will pop-up a window where you can enter additional notification options.
    UPS WorldShip Recipients
  13. You may or may not have existing Recipients. You'll enter a new Recipient on the first available line. In order to do so, type "GreenShipping" in the "Company Name" field.
  14. You can leave the Contact Name field blank and then add your Green Shipping email Tracking ID in the "Email Address" field (
  15. Mark the check box under the "Ship" column next to your newly entered Tracking ID. This will provide Green Shipping with information everytime you ship an outbound package. Hit "OK" at the bottom to close this window
  16. You'll be back to the Profile Information window. Click on the "Save Profile" button on the right side to save the changes made to this profile.
    UPS WorldShip Save Profile
  17. Confirm that your changes to the profile were successful by checking the Quantum View Notify options on the "Shipment" tab. In order to do this proceed as if you were going to create a new shipment.
  18. On the right hand side of the window, again select the Options tab. Check the Quantum View Notify settings and confirm the your Green Shipping Tracking ID is shown on the Recipeints window.
  19. If your Green Shipping Tracking ID is showing on the Recipients window, then your configuration is correct.
  20. You'll need to complete a similar configuration on any workstations used to do shipment processing.
  21. Once this is finished, your UPS Shipper set-up is complete and all of UPS WorldShip shipments will now be offset by Green Shipping!