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PACCESS & Green Shipping Sign Agreement To Measure The Carbon Footprint Of Packaging

Portland, OR – 01/03/2011 – PACCESS has formed a partnership with Green Shipping, a Hood River company that provides analytical tools to measure greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) for the transportation component of the supply chain. Transport-related activities in the supply chain are commonly known as "Scope 3" emissions, and its measurement will allow PACCESS to help its customers manage and reduce their carbon footprint in packaged goods for products manufactured in Asia.

PACCESS annually manages over 300,000 tons of packaging materials from paper mills around the world and utilizes over 200 packaging convertors for international brands in consumer product categories such as footwear, sports and equipment, fashion and apparel and home goods. For many customers, it is important their packaging reflect corporate social responsibility goals and supports sustainable business practices, but Green Shipping's tools bring real, bottom-line value because the emission data is a lens to identify inefficiencies in the supply chain.

"When products are manufactured in Asia, a combination of air, ocean, truck, rail and multimodal shipments are used to transport products from factory to assembly to container, and ultimately to its warehouse or retail destination," said Harve Bellos, President and CEO of PACCESS. "We're planning to analyze the carbon emissions along a specific route, and find alternatives which will reduce GHG, make more effective transportation decisions, and reduce supply chain costs for our customers."

In its day-to-day operations, PACCESS will also be able to calculate emissions from small package shipments sent via UPS, FedEx and USPS. With main offices in Portland, OR and Shenzhen, China, and the need to ship packages all over the world, PACCESS will determine its own carbon footprint and make efforts to improve efficiency.

The exclusive agreement with Green Shipping arms PACCESS with a competitive advantage over other packaging services companies. "I envision a time in the near future when many company’s supply chain decisions will be based on three components: price, service and how each aspect of the business affects the carbon footprint. Our customers will be on the leading edge of Scope 3 reporting," said Bellos.

For more information about Green Shipping, visit their website at

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